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Turkey Exterior Coating Company Adalı Cephe

Güncelleme tarihi: 3 Ara 2022

Turkey Exterior Coating Company
Turkey Exterior Coating Company

Adalı Cephe is a façade application brand based in Gaziantep, founded in Adana and serving in 81 provinces in Turkey. Since 2005, it continues to be the leading company in customer satisfaction and trust by aiming to professionally manage exterior cladding, design and assembly processes in every field from small businesses to large enterprises and from villa projects to housing projects.

With a production, design and assembly team of 90 people in 81 provinces in Turkey, we respond to the fast, creative and economical needs of the façade sector without any problems. Adalı Cephe professionally manages all processes from sales to marketing in order to breathe new life into exterior architecture with its projects focusing on modern and corporate appearance in exterior designs.

Working with Turkey's best installers and design team, Adalı Cephe prioritizes the perfect design of the exterior, even in the smallest details, in commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Customer Focused Vision

Adalı Cephe has been on its way to become the most reliable Facade Coating Contractor Company in Turkey's 81 provinces since the year it entered the sector. We have provided our customers with various facade coating services for all kinds of needs. Adalı Cephe is ready to realize the project or dream project in the minds of interior architects and contractors.


As Adalı Cephe, we offer our services by customizing them according to the parameters determined by each of our customers. In this context, OUR VISION is to be known as the best façade application example in the sector.


As Adalı Facade, we offer design facades at the lowest price and the highest insulation in the market by using composite, silicone and ceramic products in exterior cladding. In this context, OUR MISSION is to design, present and provide satisfaction with modern and strong facades that meet all expectations.


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